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Posted on 04-03-2017

Treating the Causes and Symptoms of Dry Eye in Arcadia, Sebring and Wauchula

If you have itchy, scratchy, watery eyes that feel like they constantly have sand or grit in them, you may have dry eye disease. Our eye doctors, serving Arcadia, Sebring and Wauchula, can diagnose and treat your dry eye.

dry eye

Dry Eye Causes

You have two types of tears in your eye, including the tears that you shed when you are emotional and your basal tears. The emotional tears do not lubricate your eyes. Instead, the job of lubricating your eyes falls to your basal tears, which are comprised of three layers. When there is a problem with the composition of your tears or your eyes do not produce enough basal tears, you will develop dry eye symptoms. Dry eye can be caused by the normal aging process, some medications, especially decongestants, and problems with the glands in the eyelids.

Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eye symptoms vary from person to person. The usual symptoms of dry eye include itchy or excessively watery eyes, a stinging or burning sensation, and blurry vision. You may notice an increase in your symptoms if you are near an air conditioning vent, outside in windy conditions or do not blink your eyes often enough.

Treatments for Dry Eye with our Eye Doctor in Arcadia

Our eye doctor can help determine the causes of your dry eye and recommend a treatment to help alleviate your symptoms. The first line of treatment usually involves eye drops and creams in order to help keep your eyes lubricated. If the eye drops and creams fail to provide relief, you may need medications to help stimulate the production of tears.

Call Us Today To Schedule An Appointment To Treat Dry Eye

For more information on how we can help you control your dry eye symptoms, call us today. We have three locations for your convenience. To schedule an appointment in Arcadia, call us at 863-491-7777. To schedule an appointment in Sebring, call us at 863-385-7070, and to schedule an appointment in Wauchula, dial 863-773-3322.

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