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Posted on 08-02-2017

5 Common Eye Conditions Diagnosed & Treated by Our Sebring, Arcadia & Wauchula Optometrist Team

Sevigny & Associates Eye Care is a leading provider of quality and comprehensive vision and eye care services serving the Hardee, DeSoto, and Highlands counties, including the communities of Wauchula, Zolfo Springs, Bowling Green, Arcadia, Lake Placid, Sebring and Avon Park. Over the years (39 and counting!), we've helped literally thousands of Floridians find effective and long-lasting solutions to their eye health problems.

eye condition

Wondering which eye health problems we see the most? Keep reading to learn more.

5 Common Eye Conditions Diagnosed 

If you have one of these 5 common eye conditions--or if your eyes have been bothering you and you don't know why--contact our Sebring, Arcadia, and Wauchula optometrist staff today. We have the state-of-the-art facility, equipment, and experience to optimize your vision and improve your comfort and quality of life!

1. Glaucoma

Progressive vision loss caused by damage to the optic nerve, which carries visual information from the eyes to the brain. This damage is believed to be related to an increase in inner eye pressure. Treatment includes medications that reduce inner eye pressure in order to minimize optic nerve damage.

2. Cataracts

Clouding of the lens (the clear disc-like shape behind your pupil) leads to blurry vision. It's common with aging. Treatment requires the surgical removal of the lens and a replacement with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL).

3. Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

The macula is the center of your retina, a thin tissue on the inside of your eye that is responsible for capturing visual images with specialized light sensitive cells. As we get older, our macular may degrade (either due to scarring by leaky blood vessel growth on the retina or by the proliferation of yellow crystalline deposits behind the retina), leading to blurry vision and vision loss. Treatment depends on the cause and may include laser surgery, medication, and dietary changes.

4. Diabetic Retinopathy

This is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide and the most common diabetic-related eye condition. It can lead to vision loss due to retinal tissue damage caused by high blood sugar (sugar is highly inflammatory in the body). Treatment requires careful management of underlying diabetes. 

5. Refractive Errors

Anything that affects the way light enters the eye and focuses (refracts) on the retina can lead to blurry vision. A person may have an abnormally shaped eyeball (astigmatism), an eyeball that's too short (nearsightedness), or an eyeball that's too long (farsightedness). These errors are typically corrected with the use of prescription eyewear, including glasses or contact lenses. Appropriate candidates may also choose to undergo LASIK eye surgery, for which our optometry team can offer support in the pre- and post-operative stages.

Other common conditions we see include eye strain, chronic dry eye, strabismus (crossed eyes), and even colorblindness. No matter what's affecting your vision, our team is confident that we can help you!

Are Your Eyes Healthy? Get Effective, Affordable & Comprehensive Eye Care With Our Team at Sevingy & Associates Eye Care!

At Sevigny & Associates Eye Care, our team is proud to serve community members from Wauchula, Sebring, & Arcadia FL. If you or a loved one is struggling with an eye health condition and would like some answers about how to maximize your vision and eye health, then call us today to schedule an appointment. We have a large variety of optometry services that can meet your unique needs. Call today!

  • To speak with a Sebring optometrist, call 863-385-7070
  • To speak with a Wauchula optometrist, call 863-773-3322
  • To speak with an Arcadia optometrist, call 863-491-7777

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