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Posted on 04-14-2017

Astigmatism Treatment From Our Eye Doctor in Arcadia

At Sevigny & Associates Eye Care, you can see an experienced eye doctor in Arcadia, Wauchula, or Sebring. That's because we have three convenient locations in the area—all of which provide the same full range of eye care services. One of the most common eye conditions we see and treat in our offices is that of astigmatism.

astigmatism testing

Understanding Astigmatism and Its Symptoms

Specifically, astigmatism refers to an eye condition where the lens or cornea of the eye has an abnormal curvature to it. As a result, light filters into the eye at the wrong angle, which prevents light from reaching the retina properly. This is a very common eye condition that can affect people at any age and to varying degrees. It can also be present in one or both eyes.

For most people with astigmatism, blurry vision is the most common symptom. However, those with minor astigmatism may not have any symptoms at all.

Treatment Options for Astigmatism in Arcadia

Astigmatism can be easily diagnosed and measured during a routine eye and vision exam. If your astigmatism is affecting your vision, we have treatment options for astigmatism in arcadia. The good news is that most cases can be effectively treated with prescription lenses, such as glasses or contact lenses. Specifically, lenses are created to correct the angle at which light enters the eye. This, in turn, improves vision for as long as the corrective lenses are worn. Generally, those with astigmatism will also need special contact lenses for a comfortable fit.

There are other potential treatment options for astigmatism depending on its severity. For example, some choose to have LASIK surgery done as a means of correcting astigmatism without the need for corrective lenses. 

Request an Appointment With Our Eye Doctor in Arcadia, Wauchula, or Sebring

If you think you may have astigmatism and haven't had an eye exam in the past year, be sure to schedule one with our eye doctor in Arcadia, Wauchula, or Sebring today. We have nearly 40 years of experience in providing the best eye and vision care. Call Sevigny & Associates Eye Care at (863) 773-3322 to schedule your appointment today!

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