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Multifocal Contacts at Sevigny & Associates Eye Care

Woman putting on multifocal contact lens

You may have enjoyed eagle-eye visual clarity throughout your childhood and young adulthood, only to suddenly find yourself straining to read now that you're in your 40s. Don't be alarmed -- like just about everyone else your age, you've developed a vision disorder called presbyopia. But you don't necessarily have to wear "readers" or other types of eyeglasses, because Sevigny & Associates Eye Care can fit you with bifocal or multifocal contacts that work just as well.

When One Distance Correction Isn't Enough

Why does presbyopia occur? Normally, tiny muscles attached to your eye's lenses can flex the lenses to switch from close-up focus to more distant focus levels and back again. But as you age, the lens becomes stiffer and harder to flex. This makes it difficult or impossible to get those close-up words or objects into clear focus. For people who also have other refractive errors, this means switching from single-vision lenses to bifocal, trifocal, or multifocal eyeglasses.

But what if you prefer contact lenses to eyeglasses? Fortunately, modern technologies have made it possible to create contacts that contain multiple "segments" (corrective fields). Your brain learns how to make use of these different segments as needed, processing the visual data they provide into clear images.

Our Optometrist Can Help You Select the Right Lenses

Our optometrist, Dr. Sevigny, can determine whether you have presbyopia and write your prescription during a regular eye and vision exam. An additional contact lens exam then allows us to choose and craft the perfect contacts for your prescription. The basic choices for individuals with presbyopia include:

  • Segmented bifocals - These contact lenses include the near and distance vision corrections in discreet segments, as seen in eyeglasses.
  • Concentric bifocals - These lenses place the different corrective fields in alternating concentric rings around the pupils.
  • Aspheric multifocal - These "blended" contacts work much like progressive multifocal eyeglasses. The correction power smoothly changes from near vision at the center through the intermediate range, and finally into distance vision toward the rim.

If for any reason your eyes simply can't adjust to bifocal or multifocal contacts, don't resign yourself to eyeglasses just yet. We can also present you with the option of monovision contacts. These lenses place the near vision in one eye and the distance vision in the other eye.

Superior Vision Correction with our Optometrists in Arcadia, Lake Placid, Wauchula, or Sebring

If you're seeking bifocal or multifocal contacts, eyeglasses, or any other kind of optometry services in Wauchula, Arcadia, Lake Placid, or Sebring, contact Sevigny & Associates Eye Care. Call us at 863-259-3777 today!