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3 Types of Transitions Lenses at Sevigny & Associates Eye CareThree types of transition lenses at Sevigny & associates in  Wauchula, Sebring, & Arcadia FL

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When searching for a new set of Transition Lenses you want to find the perfect set of glasses to fit your personality and lifestyle. Thankfully here at Sevigny & Associates Eye Care in Wauchula, Aracadia and Sebring FL we have three of the most prominent styles of Transition lens. Check out the pros and cons of each style before you decide on your next pair of Transitions Lenses.

What are Transitions Lenses and Why Should I be Interested?

If you wear glasses and live in a place that gets sun, then you have a reason for purchasing Transitions Lenses. These are eyewear that are formulated to work as your primary prescription eyeglasses. Every time you change your environment from indoors to out, your Transitions glasses become more or less tinted. This allows you to minimize the hassle of carrying multiple pairs of lenses, and it allows you to see clearly in the brightest or darkest of conditions. Also, choosing eyewear from the prestigious Transitions line ensures you will have optimal success with your new eyewear.

What is the Benefit of Using Transitions Signature Lens?

Of the three types of Transitions we have at Sevigny & Associates Eye Care, Transitions Signature includes the widest range of lens color options. Choose from clear to gray, or go for the clear to brown or clear to graphite green choice. Otherwise the Transitions Signature line is very similar to what you will find with the Transitions Vantage and Transitions XTRActive lenses lines. 

What are the Perks of Choosing the Transitions Vantage Lens option?

If you want to get a pair of Transitions lens that offer the sharpest image, the Transitions Vantage meets the mark. While the Transitions Vantage lens do not have a trio of lens color options, you do get the variable polarization feature. Thanks to variable polarization whenever the lens gets darker, the polarization filter is right on track with the change. As for indoor clarity thanks to the polarization of the lens you will see a virtually clear lens indoors.

What is the Reason for Going With Transitions XTRActive as My Transitions Lens?

The Transitions XTRActive features almost everything that the Transitions Signature and Transitions Vantage have to offer. The true perk of the Transitions XTRActive is the ability to have the darkest everyday lens possible with the Transitions Lens line. Even when the heat is rising and the temperatures are scorching, the Transitions XTRActive will showcase the darkest lens. Also, unlike the Transitions Signature and Transitions Vantage, when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle the Transitions XTRActive displays a moderate activation. 

Buy Transition Lenses Today

Here at Sevigny & Associates Eye Care we serve the Arcadia, Lake Placid, Sebring and Wauchula, FL communities. Our vision care associates are ready to fit you with your next pair of Transition Lens, whether it is your first pair or your 15th. Call our office today at 863-259-3777 to schedule your appointment with our eye doctors.