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Sports Vision Eyewear at Sevigny & Associates Eye CareAt Sevigny & Associates Eye Care we offer sports vision and eyewear services for athletes in Wauchula, Sebring, & Arcadia FL

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At Sevigny & Associates Eye Care we offer sports vision and eyewear services for athletes who want to take their game to the next level. Whether you are a pro or amateur athlete, or simply like playing sports and want to see better, we can help! 

What is Sports Vision? 

Sports vision services improve your visual acuity and perception so you can excel at the sport you love. It may seem like sports vision services are reserved for the pros, but the reality is, any sports fan can improve their game with vision services. 

Sports vision services have two components: Visual training to improve weak visual skills that cause holes in your game and dedicated sports eyewear that enhances the quality of visual information being sent to your brain. 

How Can Sports Eyewear Improve Performance? 

Sports eyewear affects the way you perceive colors against backgrounds. Even if you have perfect vision and great hand-eye coordination, you can find it difficult to see clearly due to natural light. When you cannot see clearly, you may miss a shot or overcompensate. Inability to see clearly could also lead you into danger by causing you to misstep or temporarily blinding you from a hazard in your path. Sports glasses alter your color perception so you can see all the information you need to play your best - and stay safe - at any game. 

Sports glasses come in a rage of colors, which are geared for certain sports. For example, amber glasses bump up different hues of white so you can tell where a ski slope has a ridge or an icy patch. 

No matter what shade your sports glasses come in, we can ensure they have UV protection. It is important for everyone to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays, but especially athletes. Over time, UV exposure can cause eye damage, cataracts, or even eye cancer. 

Get Sports Eyewear At Sevigny & Associates Eye Care

We carry all types of sports eyewear, so no matter what you love to do, we can help you do it with more focus. Look to us for specialized sports eyewear for golf, fishing, football, hunting, and basketball. 

We offer traditional sports glasses as well as sports goggles, which strap to the head for a secure fitting. Sports goggles let you play without fear that your eyewear will fall off and break. 

Polarized sports sunglasses are ideal for sports like golf, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, kayaking, and more. Because these glasses have a special coating, they block out glare from water, snow, and other surfaces. As a result of polarized sports glasses, you can see clearly even when your favorite sport is played in extreme weather conditions. 

Would you like to explore sports vision services? At Sevigny & Associates Eye Care we have three convenient locations in Wauchula, Sebring, Lake Placid, and Arcadia to serve you. Make an appointment by calling the location of your choice or filling out the form on our website.